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Clinical Data Management Training in Hyderabad

In Clinical Science,Clinical Data Management Training in Hyderbad is a key mechanism contributing to the production of high-quality, consistent and statistically correct Clinical trial results. Clinical Data Management ensures that data are collected, integrated and made available at the appropriate quality and cost. It also promotes the operation, management, and review of clinical study studies around the continuum as specified by the National Institutes of Health. CDM's main aim is to insure that the evidence reflects well the results taken from analysis. Attaining this goal protects public health and trust in marketed therapies.

Clinical Data Management Training Courses in Hyderabad

The Clinical Data Manager plays an essential role in setting up and conducting a clinical trial. The evidence obtained during a clinical trial provides the foundation for the eventual protection and effectiveness review, which in effect guides decision-making in the pharmaceutical industry on drug growth. The Clinical Data Manager engages in early discussions on data collection options and then oversees the development of data collection tools based on the protocol for clinical trials. It takes a lot of effort and determination to be a Clinical Management professional and you are going to need all the help you can get to be successful. Here at IGCP Hyderabad we offer the best training courses that are going to help you with your career to take a head start.

Why Choose Clinical Management Course

Hospitals and certain other forms of services function more like conventional enterprises, thereby easily sharing the expertise and experience within them. The course trains students for a lively life and also lets them develop professionally and socially. Although for most entry-level jobs, an advanced degree in business administration is not needed, it will unlock doors and offer further opportunities for individuals to progress their careers.
Group building and teamwork is one of the hallmarks of an entrepreneurial career. It covers some of the roles, such as strategic relations and technical management methods, but also novel strategies and methodology for constructive resolution of challenging problems.

Why IGCP is The Best Clinical Management Training Course in Hyderabad

Here at IGCP we provide gold standard training to our students and provide those with the best course material required to ace the exams. We pay close attention to the learning speed and comprehension rate of each individual and train them specifically so that they have a successful career ahead.


  • EDC Architecture
  • CRF Development Specifications
  • eCRF Designing (on EDC Tool)
  • Data Validation Specification
  • Offline Checks
  • Data Validation Programming
  • External Lab Specifications
  • External Lab Specifications Programming (SAS)
  • SAE Reconciliation Specifications
  • SAE Reconciliation Specifications Programming (SAS)
  • Test Data Preparation
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • CRF Tracking
  • Data Entry
  • Batch Validation Procedures
  • Query Management (on EDC Tool)
  • Coding (MEDRA and WHO)
  • Lab Reconciliation
  • SAE Reconcialition
  • Export Data Extraction
  • Vendor Management
  • EDC Tool Navigation (Understanding Different Feature in EDC Tool)
  • Database Lock